Create video animations / 360° panoramas / 3D virtual reality pictures

Unicorn render module allows you to turn any ARC+ project into a stunning 360° panorama. Create video animations and 3D VR pictures compatible with 3D glasses for a real virtual reality experience.

Easy editing process

UNICORN integrated rendering module offers the easiest and fastest editing process on the market. Simply define everything with only 5 tabs.

High realistic pictures

Unicorn render engine is physical, it means that every light source, material or scene edition will lead to a true realistic picture. Image post processing is not anymore necessary. 


You see what you are doing !

Unicorn provides a realistic preview that enables high quality shadows, lighting and materials.

Changes done in the scene are automatically displayed on screen.

Fast preview

Take advantage of a fast and nice preview. Usually, a high realistic preview makes the navigation slower, but not with Unicorn.

You can now simply display and navigate through your model in front of your client and present your project in real time.

Physical materials

Get access to a full physical materials library.

Sun & Sky

Temporal and spatial data of the model are enough to set the Sun position, intensity and exact orientation.


The "Google maps" service integration allows defining these parameters in 2 clicks.


It is also possible to place the sun manually through the 2D navigation interface.

The sky will automatically react to any time modification.