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CADEXE, open, modify, and share your DWG files from the 2.5 version to the 2018


You pay the technology that you are using
3 Versions, 3 Prices, You have the choice, You are free.


CADEXE SOLID 2016 includes 3D Solid Modeller based on ACIS®, the industry standard.


The 3D solids library includes boxes, cylinders, sphere, pyramids, extrusions, rotations and even more.


It is also completely programmable and customize with most of the programming languages.


It reads and writes ESRI files, which let you visualize maps, geographic models created with SIG applications.


CAD 2D:3D Advanced + Programming


CADEXE DESIGN offers all production tools andintelligent functions for 2D modelling that you want with an affordable price.                           With DWG 2016 as a primary file drawing format, and the processing with DXF format, CADEXE DESIGN offer a compatibility and an exchange capacity with a large panel of CAD and graphics software.    



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Low cost CAD

Invest where you need it the most.                                   SPEND LESS, SPEND BETTER.

Try it you’ll love it !

Compare CADEXE with the actuals CAD leaders, make sure of its excellence, and test it for free.

Note : In the trial version (1 month), the saving and printing options are disabled.

MAC version available

CADEXE is available on MAC OS X in native format (without emulation) directly compatible.

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