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CADEXE the low cost CAD solution
Invest in what you really need
Spend less, Spend better
User interface customizable, line input, tools palette, intuitive icons, extern references manager… these are just a few of the available tools, known by CAD users.

Integrated help

All functions and documentation are available from the interface by pressing F1 on your keyboard.

3D modelling

CADEXE SOLID uses a 3D engine, based on ACIS technology. All geometric forms are available and editable to help you create your projects.

User interface

CADEXE has a familiar user interface, which consists of a standard drop down menu, palette and toolbars.


You can fix your toolbars wherever you want on your screen.


Easy to use, start quickly any command from your keyboard using the interface (commands lines)

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2D drawings and 3D modelling

CADEXE Design and PRO both have all tools like Polylines, circles, arches, extrusions as well as editing functions like: copy, symmetry, rotation, scale.


CADEXE let the user define freely his working preferences. Layers managment, toolbars, menus, keyboard shortcuts, colors, lines….


CADEXE SOLID and PRO support the following programming interfaces: LISP, C, C++, Delphi, COM, .NET, VSTA, VBA, etc...

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