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ARC + X10 Edition, the 2D/3D/BIM/Rendering software
ARC+ X11 BIM Edition

ARC+ X11 BIM Edition

Model as before, and export your project to IFC format

ARC+ X11 BIM Edition

ARC+ X11 BIM Edition

3D Rendering module : UNICORN / IFC compatibility



New BIM materials

ARC+ X11 BIM Edition

ARC+ X11 BIM Edition

New prospects for modelling and project creation

ARC+ X11 BIM Edition 3D Rendering

ARC+ X11 BIM Edition 3D Rendering

New features : -Artificial lighting - Management of natural dynamic light - Comprehensive material library

2D and 3D CAD

  • Draw in 2D and/or in 3D

  • Draw in 3D... ARC+ will create automatically the 2D drawing file

  • ARC+ has commands for walls 2D-3D  / Openings / Roofs/ Stairs / Slabs

  • 3D Objects / Collections of elements and models ready to use

  • Placed objects (xref)/ Mode multi-documents

  • Several commands for 3D and 2D modeling

ARC+ Functionalities

  • 2D CAD : Arc / Polyline/ Circle / Pattern / Dimnsions/ Help Lines / Text / Layout and printing

  • 3D CAD : Surface/ Simple solid / Complex solid / Surface modelling  / Solid modelling / 2D-3D boolean operations / Split solid / Sect solids / 2D file generation starting from 3D model

  • 2D-3D Architecture : Walls/ Stairs / Slabs/ Roofs / Objects / Terain modelling / Surface calculation

  • 3D Render : Double path tracer iRay Nvidia iRay based / Background / Perspective-Parallel projection camera - VR 360° / Physics materials/ GPU calculation(CUDA only on Nvidia)-CPU / Image creation - Viddeo - VR

  • New export Datasmith  for TWinmotion live connection

  •  Support for Video cards Nvidia series 30 et 40

  • New Linetype DWG compatible

  • New Linetype in dimensions

  • New functionality to search texts

  • Save in DWG from save2D

  • Wall height by single layer

  • Pattern-Hatch per single layer

  • Empty Layer air based

  • Road

  • Ribbon menu

  • New icons system

  • New commands layout commands accessibility

  • Different user interface colors

  • Simple and customizable user interface

  • New  Application CAD2D 3D

  • 100 % compatible DWG (Native)

  • Simple to use, it includes all AutoCAD commands and all ARC+ commands.

  • Fast visualization (50x ARC+)

  • Module 2D

  • Module 3D

  • Module Landscape

  • Direct  connection with  Unreal Engine 5.1, embedded synchro (included in module 3D

  • Direct  connection with Unicorn Render (iRay), embedded synchro (license optionnelle)

  • Independent license unexpansive (Not included in the X11)



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