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ARC+ X8 Edition
The CAD solution for Architects becomes more powerful than ever:

Including numerous innovations, and improvement, the ARC+ X8 version is compatible with Windows 8 and mark a significant step in the evolution of the software to more openings, performances for a increased productivity of your work.


  • The innovation and amelioration concerned mainly the following points:

  • Interoperability and compatibility with Sketchup

  • Importation of PDF, DOC/DOCX, SVG and PLT files

  • Filling of walls with application by color.

  • Area manager

  • Amelioration of the integrated Render


This new panel of functionalities was developed from various architects ‘ideas that help us daily in the improvement of ARC+.

New XCLIP command

trimming of image and 2D plan

Thanks   to the new XCLIP command, you can now trim any placed image or drawing.


  • In DSG mode, this command will let you trim image or drawing in order to showcase or hide the desired zone.

  • Edit the outline of the zone you wish to keep/hide with the help of a free shape polygon (circular, rectangular, triangular)and trim the selection using XCLIP.

  • In modelling mode, the trimming of placed objects (Objects/plans) is possible using XCLIP.

  • Discover the potential of XCLIP with the Sketch Symbols Library. Apply quality textures on your surface and do 2D Render of your plans. Place the texture and use XCLIP to clip the texture in the desired surface.

Walls filling

Walls edition

The new fill walls functionality gives a better representation of 2D objects thanks to the application of colors:


  • Each layercan be filled in with a specific color (Used of the RVB color palette for the personalization of the colors).

  • The filling color is in compliancewith the condition of the end of walls.

  • Update of all walls of an archive, as per the modifications done.

  • Dealing with the walls filling in DSG mode.

  • The filling of the walls is taken into consideration when exporting DWG or DXF, for a reduced size of the exported files.

Import of new format types


ARC+ let you placed PDF,Word(doc/docx),PLT and SVG files in an ARC+ model.


A preview window enables you to visualize the content and to choose the scale of your choice.


When importing, the vectorial content can be snapped, for a more precise placement in the ARC+ mode. It is now possible to :


  • Apply on your plans the cartridge of the prepared project done previously in MS Word or an compatible application.

  • Exploit directly a cadastral French map in PDF format.

Extended operability with Sketchup

Import Sketchup

If you like using Sketchup (Sketchup or Sketchup Pro) for the last sketches of a project or if you wish to enhance quickly your ARC+ models, by choosing in the large SKP objects collection available online (Sketchup/Trimble 3D Warehouse) ARC+ offers you the management of Sketchup files (any version until 2013) unlike any other equivalent on the market.


2 different importation modes are available:


  • By simple placement of the SKP file in an ARC+ model.


  • By integration of the SKP file’s content in an ARC+ file. In that case, all objects, even the textured ones, included in the Sketchup file structure are fully converted in ARC+ blocks that can then be easily moved/deleted/modified in the ARC+ interface.


In both modes, ARC+ X8 created automatically a dynamic link with the SKP file source. Like that, all modifications done after the Sketchupobjects can be automatically passed on in the ARC+ model the next time it is opened.


ARC+ X8 Editioh guarantees a perfect restitution of all objects inside the source file:


  • Mapping and transparency of textures are preserved. The polygon with different materials applied on each side, are taken into consideration like in the SKP files.

  •  All images used to coat the surfaces in SKP file are completely transferred, granting a visual concordance between the Sketchup file and the ARC+.

  • The smoothing of the SKP file is preserved when importing in ARC+ and can be recalculated if necessary.


Also, Sketchup Materials, can be saved as ARC+ materials, you can apply to the imported objects all the parameters available in the incorporated Render of ARC+ (reflection, finishing, refraction…) and get overview images of the desired quality.


  • ARC+ accepts SKP files that have opening alignments problems.

  • The objects hierarchy in the SKP file source in respected, which reduce the occupation of the PC memory.


IMPORTANT NOTICE : ARC+ X8 Edition is compatible with Sketchup 2014.


Improvement of the integrated Render


With ARC+ X8, no need to be an expert in computer graphic to get quickly photo realistic views of good quality! Incorporated to the software, the Render functionality is available in 3 modes, each of them dedicated to a specific work context :


-DYNAMIC mode, is particularly adapted to the modelling phase, letting you visualize in real time the result of all modification done to the geometry and/or different render parameters (light/materials, angle of view…)


-NAVIGATION mode, increases the photo realism, but stays very reactive to the parameters setting changes. It is a good mode to present numeric models to a client and estimate with him, different option of outside coating or inside layout for example.


-PRESENTATION mode exploit in the best possible way your PC processor, creating computer generated imagery in high definition, and integrating in a flyer (paper or numeric) object presentation. Modify the used textures for the materials in the image editor. This functionality is accessible directly by clicking the right side of your mouse on the image and save the new texture in 3D geometry (textures coordination).


  • New materials template that unites different materials in one giving freedom to change any material in appearance, last retouch, 3D effect.


  • New option to use in 3D effect (Normal map). This option is one of the more important and innovative characteristic in term of Render in ARC+ X8 Edition. This characteristic let the user have a 3D cartography of the image that has an excellent quality without creating a complicated 4D geometry.

Area manager improved


With the new ARC+ X8 area manager, a few clicks are enough to create an ordered view (by floor, apartment) of the different areas constituting a project to get for each of them a complete detailed game:


  • Area: brut, used according to a minimum under roof configurable, calculated.

  • Perimeter: brut, of walls, with or without deduction of the openings, calculated.

  • Walls area: with or without the deduction of the openings

  • Volume: brut, useful according to the height of a minimum under roof configurable.


All these informations, can be displayed on the plans and/or assembled in a report with Excel format (MS Office needs to be installed) in order to be used in any other application.


All the area are defined with a simple click k by a colored polygon (non printable). It is possible to assign negative values. 

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