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ARC+ X11 Edition, the software solution for architects, Designers and Construction professionals.
  • Minimum configuration 

Processeur Intel Dual Core

Compatible with Windows 10, 11x86 (4 Go RAM)

Compatible with Windows 10, 11x64 (8 Go RAM)

Nvidia GTX 1050  or ATI RX Series 500 or Intel Iris 610 for Solid OpenGL

25 Go of free memory on your disk for the installation

PDF Reader software

3 mouse with roller, Logitech type or compatible.

  • Configuration for internal Render

  • 64 bits Windows 10, 11 or higher

  • 16 GB RAM

  • 25GB hardisk space

  • i7processor

  • Video Card Cuda-enabled GPU (NVIDIA GeForce GTX or Quadro) with minimum 2000  CUDA, The video Card Nviidia Serie 16xx is not Supported

  • Network configuration

  • ARC+ Protection

- Advised: PC (basic performances / network card/ Windows Systel / harddrive shared (type H:G:)

- Not advised: Sharedhardrive like Dlink, Synology




Existing customers need an ALADDIN HASP type key to work with ARC+. The serial number of an ALADDIN key has 5 digits, ex: 90333.
For new customers or updates of old versions where the key would have to be replaced, protection is ensured via the internet connection and online management, the hardware keys are no longer available, except in exceptional cases (cost €200 excl. plus delivery costs)

Note : An internet connection is required for online updates.


Note : Une connexion internet est requise pour les mises à jour en ligne.


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