ARC+ X10 Edition, the software solution for architects, Designers and Construction professionals.
  • Minimum configuration 

Processeur Intel Dual Core

Compatible Windows 7, 8 x86 (1 Go RAM)

Compatible Windows 7, 8 x64 (2 Go RAM)

Nvidia GTX 950  or ATI RX Series 500 or Intel Iris 510 for Solid OpenGL

1 Go of free memory on your disk for the installation

PDF Reader software

3 mouse with roller, Logitech type or compatible.

  • Configuration for internal Render

  • 64 bits Windows 7 or higher

  • 4 GB RAM

  • 10 GB hardisk space

  • i7processor

  • Cuda-enabled GPU (NVIDIA GeForce GTX or Quadro)

  • Network configuration

  • ARC+ Protection

- Advised: PC (basic performances / network card/ Windows Systel / harddrive shared (type H:G:)

- Not advised: Sharedhardrive like Dlink, Synology




You need to have a key (HASP ALADDIN to work with ARC+. The serial number of the key has 5 numbers: ex: 90333.


Note : An internet connection is required for online updates.