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ARC + : a comprehensive software


Today, it is often necessary to use several software solutions to cover all phases of a project. From the 3D textured sketch for selling a project to the plans to standards of the production stage, ARC + fulfills all your needs.


 ARC + is an historic software created by architects for architects. Its unparalleled ergonomics respects everyone’s freedom of modelling. Find your way and customize yourself the use of each of the proposed tools.


A simple and efficient 2D


Nowadays 3D is a "must" in terms of modelling. Indeed, only 3D enables the use of new CAD modules such as rendering and BIM communication modules. However, in a project life cycle, it is sometimes faster, clearer and more effective to model in 2D to show some details for example. ARC + offers a range of 2D tools (lines / arcs / circles / ellipses / rectangles).


An intuitive and powerful 3D


 From the outset ARC + has always offered powerful 3D tools. Their ease of use allows you to create unlimitedly. By using the different 3D entities (cube / prism / sphere etc ...) and the editing tools (Boolean operation), it is possible to model any volume quickly. The use of construction lines, invisible in production, greatly eases the editing process.


Do not be afraid of the 3D anymore, it is 100% integrated into ARC + !



The architectural entities

 ARC + provides access to a range of architectural entities. Do not waste time modeling walls / openings / stairs / roof / slab etc ... modules are made available to assist you in the creation process.


Library of architectural 3D objects + Unlimited modelling Space = "the freedom of design".


The 2D / 3D connected system


Move from a 2D representation to a 3D representation in one click. 2D and 3D are directly connected in ARC + and each object has a 2D profile and a 3D profile.



Producing shop drawings


A layout mode (DSG) allows you to create your layouts by placing your drawings to scale onto it.


Generate the project’s facades 2D drawings from the 3D model with one click!




 ARC + is compatible with most CAD formats on the market.

Import files :


 - DWG / DXF / SVG / SKP / 3DS

 - PDF / WORD 

 - IFC


 Export to DWG / IFC formats

An integrated 3D rendering engine


The rendering engine offered by ARC + uses the resources of your graphics card. The edition becomes efficient and fast.


Add to this a comprehensive materials library (+ 800 categorized materials), created presets for you and a clear working interface.


Generate from the rendering 2D vector images to be able to place in your production documents plans that are dimensioned annotated and TEXTURED !



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