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ARC+ the 2D/3D/Render CAD software


Modelling easily, quickly in 2D/3D and apply a great graphic Render for all your plans and models.

This software, created by architects for architects, gives modelling tools specially created for :


  • Your plans

  • reation of 3D objects

  • Your models


ARC+ distinguishes itself with :


  • Its windows interface can be optimized according to each user profile.

  • Its tools and functionalities adapted to each of your need.

  • Its interoperability, will let you work and exchange with numerous formats: dwg, dxf, pdf, doc/docx, svg, skp ...

  • A personalized support that answer your questions, and accompany you step by step.

  • Its freedom of Design let you modelled as you wish, according to the preferred method.


ARC+ is the freedom of modelling, respecting each user, efficiency unequaled!

ARC+ Interface

The work interface is probably the most decisive module, for your work speed and execution.


A CAO software, can get complex when the layout of the buttons and functionalities are difficult to access.


The classical ARC+ interface (Windows type) is ergonomic.


It has been developed in coherence with a Modelling philosophy that would probably be familiar to you.


Each menu is organized in a sequential way and each tool has a determined place which allows you to gain time during your researches.

PreProgrammed Tools

A complete tool panel is offered to you in the modelling of your 2D/3D plans.


These tools adapt to your work method and are optimized in order to preserve this freedom that makes you the architects of the future.


  • Walls

  • Openings

  • Complete libraries

  • Roof

  • Style and surface manager

  • Ground modelling

Surface/Solid Polygons

With ARC+, you are able to modelled in/or 2D/3D.


  • The polygon let you create any 2D surface. Accompanied with editing and modification panel, you are able to modelled very easily in 2D or 3D by extruding, stretching out…

  • Simple and complex solids offer you a complete freedom of modelling in space. Coming with its views manager (plans elevation, axonometric). Thanks to ARC+, you have the possibility to bypass preprogrammed tools and editing walls, parametric objects as you wish.


Cube, prism, sphere and other geometric figures are put to your disposition. By using Boolean operations or created solids, you can model as you wish, use premade solution and personalized them.

The various works modes

By navigating between the different works modes proposed. You have access to different panels of specific functionalities to each work phase.

The modelling mode let you edit plans and projects.


Go in visualization mode to present your project and structured your work method.


The DSG mode let you layout your project and print it according to your need.


The camera manager let you keep a specific visualization angle for your page layout or/and work phase.


Finally, the Render mode let you apply textures, lights to your project for a wonderful result in a minimum of time.



The interoperability and the insertion of objects

Arc+ lets you work on any CAD format type. A complete import/export interface is offered to modify or choose what you want to import.


The ARC+ library becomes a powerful communication tool.

Indeed, thanks to it, you can edit your objects and exchange with your collaborators your created styles, objects (ARC+/Sketchup) and your textures.


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