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ARC+ : Model / Quantify / Communicate


  •  ARC + offers a complete 2D and 3D modelling space. Both modes are connected; each entity can have 2D or 3D representation, or both.


  •  Use the invisible construction lines when producing to display intersection points or simply create reference points in the workspace.


  • Switch freely between different representation modes (wireframe / solid) and views (axonometric / 2D drawings). 


  • Choose the project’s geometric representation mode (parallel / perspective modes).


  • Get access to the various commands either from the contextual menu or from the toolbars or from the macros themselves.


  • An area manager allows you to edit the areas and other quantifiable project’s data such as volumes, perimeters, floor space etc...


  • ARC + is a communicating software. It incorporates the latest BIM technology. Supports the IFC export and import.


  • Moreover ARC + is able to import many CAD formats. (DWG / DXF / PDF / DOCX / DOC / SKP / IFC 2x2 2x3 4 / 3DS ...)



A quick access to commands / A powerful 2D / 3D modeller / An integrated rendering as an aid to modelling / A units and accuracy management system.



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